Thank You for Your DPA Donations!

The Duluth Preservation Alliance board has proven that even during a pandemic, a virtual historic property tour is possible and can be very successful. The DPA’s tour this year was very well received (especially for people with disabilities!) and we couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.

Initially, the board had opted to cancel the 2020 tour because of the pandemic, but this annual event is our largest annual fundraiser so we sought ways to make it happen. The entire tour went on without a hitch and we received a ton of great press and accolades.  The tour had nearly fifteen thousand page views and raised over $5,000! 

How it worked

We highlighted three properties over three weeks (one per Sunday) and each property tour had the following features:
  • Historical research
  • Exterior Drone footage
  • Interior photo gallery
  • Interior 360 Matterport tour
  • Recorded video tour with host, Bob Berg (he’s amazing!)


Special Thanks:

Thank you to all of the homeowners: Printha Markert, Paul and Mary Treuer, and Sandy and Geoff Popham, for sharing their beautiful homes with the public, and for offering their time to help prepare for these virtual tours. We also thank our photographers, Hugh Griffin and Dan Jandl for generously offering their professional services pro bono for this project.

Special thanks to Bob Berg for his time and for bringing the virtual tours to life with his lively personality and in-depth knowledge about all of the houses!

Donations are always welcome!