The Making of Duluth Neighborhood Identities webinar

75 West Fifth St., St. Paul, MN 55102

Residents of Duluth and the surrounding Northland are invited to attend The Making of Duluth Neighborhood Identities, a webinar co-sponsored by Rethos: Places Reimagined and the Duluth Preservation Alliance.

Join our discussion as Professor Jennifer Webb guides us through the history and the layers of some of Duluth’s oldest neighborhoods. In this section we will explore how the neighborhoods of western Duluth -from Lincoln Park to Fond du Lac – became the places we recognize today. We will consider how the river and the landscape helped to define urban “spaces” in Duluth, but also how people made those spaces into “places” with particular identities.

We will begin by exploring Art Fleming’s twenty-one architectural portraits of local industries which still hang in the Kom-on-Inn bar in West Duluth.  At the time that they were painted in the early 1950s, these portraits of place were already tinged with a nostalgia for a lost past that lingers today. These paintings invite us to look beyond the surface to really tell the stories of our “places.”  As we look to these places with history, community, and identity in mind, we will connect Duluth’s history with wider discussions around  neighborhood advantage.

Rethos: Places Reimagined is a nonprofit organization that leads and inspires people to connect to valued places in their communities.  The Duluth Preservation Alliance, is a nonprofit volunteer organization which advocates for the preservation of Duluth’s historic architecture.

Monday, August 3rd, 3:00-5:00 pm
Online (Meeting link and password provided with registration)
$10 general admission, pay what-you-can option

Registration is available online through the Rethos website