3110 Greysolon Road

Carrie Scherer & John Morrison

The home of Carrie Scherer and John Morrison was built in 1963 and designed by Morgenstern and Stanius of Duluth. When they were looking for a house four years ago they liked the ranch construction, flat roof, contemporary design and the location behind Congdon School. The house is built around a swimming pool. Only the master bedroom has been enlarged. The house is a work in progress under the guidance of architect Souliyahn Keobounpheng. They have removed carpet, polished the concrete in the living room, changed the mechanicals, replaced the basement ceiling, and painted. John created a patio in front, birch trees on the side of the house, and refaced the garage.

They plan to install solar heat and finish the master bedroom. They have furnished the house in a modern style. Other notable features include the view of the lake and the private back yard, the radiators in the ceiling, and the pool. The exterior is a mixture of the original stone and mortar and synthetic siding made of cement boards.