Historic Skyline Parkway Clean-Up

Enger Tower, Enger Tower Drive, Duluth, MN

We need your help!

The Duluth Preservation Alliance will be cleaning up the Skyline Parkway at the pull-over below Enger Tower, at the Ore Dock Overlook and at Bardon’s Peak. Please plan to meet at Enger Park Tower at 10:00 am. Gloves, bags, pickers, safety vests​ and buckets will be provided. Wear old clothes and good work boots or shoes with grips. You may want to bring water and snacks.

Skyline Parkway Cleanup

Event Update (May 3, 2017): 

Approximately 25 people showed up for this clean up. Bardon’s Peak couldn’t be done at this time.   Bob said he and Doug would go and do this another day. Bob did walk from Magney Snively lot to Bardon’s Peak. Bardon’s Peak itself needs more work. Linda’s crew did below Enger parking lot. The ore dock overlook was done by Doug’s group. Signage was done in l972 by the Lion’s Club and they are aware the signs are aging. It was a great day for the clean up.